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Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Blended Learning

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The new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created new challenges and opportunities for data scientists, engineers, data analysts, forecast analysts, managers, decision-makers, financial analysts, and many others. From banking, finance, and insurance, to cybersecurity, healthcare, and social media, artificial intelligence and machine learning can disrupt any industry. At the root of the interest in this topic are professionals who develop their work with machine learning algorithms for pattern clustering, classification, and prediction of big data. 

There are many machine learning applications in the industry to solve numerous complex problems and maximize their business value, namely in areas such as fraud detection, customer recommendation, customer churn prediction, credit scoring, real-time chatbots, financial analysis, time series forecast, image recognition and classification, information extraction, decision support and business efficiency.

The Postgraduation in Applied Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is a great opportunity to understand the theory and practice of how machine learning can be a solution for business transformation new challenges.


In partnership with: 

Certification in Amazon Web Services Cloud Components



As a blended learning Postgraduation, it includes three on-site training modules at ISEG, which are spread out throughout the program. These sessions will take place at the following moments:

- Opening weekend;

- Middle of the course;

- At the end of the course when the participants will present the developed projects.

The remaining online sessions will take place two evenings a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Participants are accompanied during this process by tutors, whose role is to support them in their process of learning and skills acquisition.



  • Understand where and how to use machine learning algorithms in your organization;
  • Analyze and prepare data for machine learning projects;
  • Learn fundamental programming concepts in Python;
  • Understand and solve regression and classification problems;
  • Learn about the major supervised and unsupervised algorithms in machine learning;
  • Forecast time series data with trend, seasonality, and other underlying patterns;
  • Build and train neural networks for image and natural language processing;
  • Use deep learning algorithms for computer vision and pattern recognition;
  • Learn how to build an end-to-end machine learning project;
  • Deploy a machine learning model in an enterprise environment.


Professionals, researchers and students who work or plan to work in business analytics and artificial intelligence projects

Data analysts

Data scientists

Business analysts

HR analysts

Marketing analysts

Product analysts

Forecast analysts

IT analysts

Machine learning scientists

key details

  • September 17th, 2021 - May 2022
  • Face-to-face sessions: Fridays all day and Saturday mornings | Online sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • English
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • 144 hours (48h face-to-face and 96h online)
  • 4.100
    • The fee includes:

      • Tutors support throught the programme;
      • Access to a platform where support documentation will be available in digital format;
      • Dinners, coffee-breaks, and access to the ISEG car park during class and exam periods;
      • Protocol with two hotels close to Campus;
      • Welcome kit;
      • Certificate.

Program Advisor

Marta Vieira
(+351) 962 682 202


Miguel Bugalho (+351) 962 681 960
Marta Vieira (+351) 962 682 202
Natasha Nazarali - ISEG MBA (+351) 962 683 725
Geral (+351) 213 922 891 (+351) 213 922 789

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