Dates:  Brevemente  |       Duração: 29 horas            
Schedule: 9am to 6pm
Fees: 4000€ (This includes tuition, educational materials, breakfast and lunch each day.
Early Bird: 
10% discount for IDEFE or ISEG Alumni. 
20% discount for employees of Corporate Partners (contact us for more information)



Program Director

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho   is  a Professor, Expert and Keynote Speaker in Foresight, Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 
He is  the Scientific Coordinator and Professor of the Post-Graduation "Foresight, Strategy and Innovation" at ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management.
He is currently the General Director for Economy and Innovation in the Lisbon City Council.





Who Should Attend

> Senior-level leaders at medium and large companies who are inspired to innovate.

> Senior-level leaders at growth companies who are challenged to scale and act as change makers

> Executives who will use this opportunity to make an even greater difference in their career and their organizations' future.

Executives and managers who are responsible for tackling strategic challenges at their organizations.

Managers and staff of companies which seek to promote an innovation and an entrepreneurial culture.

> Team members who want to collaborate on strategic design and innovation.

> Individuals and teams with responsibility for strategy, planning or leadership.

We believe that participants from business, government, NGOs, academia, professional bodies, and inter-governmental organizations can take the best out this program.



Sérgio Pereira 
(+351) 213922716

Program Director
Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho
(+351)  914128757


> Help people and organizations to  develop the capacity to anticipate trends and explore scenarios and how this can improve your approach to strategy and innovation processes.

> Explore  the most cutting-edge concepts and tools in the fields of foresight, strategic design and innovation .

> Give firsthand access to the "SCANNING, SENSING AND ACTING" framework, used to anticipate and explore the future, identify new opportunities and build innovative strategies to solve strategic challenges.

> Create and embed a Future strategy and culture in your organization.

 > Skills and Tools to become a Chief Futurist Officer or  Future M anager.

> Understand and explore emergent and exponential technologies, its global challenges and opportunities.

> Build and improve your understanding of scenario methodologies, approaches and processes.

> Identify critical uncertainties and build Strategic Scenarios.

Improve strategy making and review how your organization carries out scenario work Analysis of impacts, threats and opportunities for the business.

Understand the value and impact of Design to business strategy, differentiation and competitive advantage.

Exploration of Design Thinking and Strategic Design tools to move from consumer and market insight to actionable solutions.


The program driving force is to help people in  organisations  to improve the way they face uncertain and turbulent contexts. We will help you develop the capacity to anticipate trends and explore scenarios and how this can improve your approach to strategy and innovation processes.

For 4 days, participants will have the opportunity to explore the most cutting-edge concepts and tools in the fields of foresight, strategic design and innovation, integrated in a unique Futures Framework.

Participants will have firsthand access to the "SCANNING, SENSING AND ACTING" framework, used to anticipate and explore the future, identify new opportunities and build innovative strategies to solve strategic challenges.

A Unique Experience

The program offers a unique immersive experience in Lisbon and a combination of theoretical and practical sessions that develop your skills and understanding in reframing and re - perceiving strategic decisions.

The use of a knowledge toolbox and the "Scanning, Sensing and Acting" framework (specifically designed and adapted for this program) will allow you to fully understand these concepts, and facilitates its later application in your organizations.

By the end of the program, you and your organizations will be better prepared to be leaders for the future, engage in bold strategic processes, and act as truly change-makers.



  • 01. Foresight: thinking and acting on the future
  • Future Thinking: assumptions, concepts and tools
    "Scanning, Sensing & Acting": A Futures Framework
    Mapping the main forces of change and emerging domains in the global and business environments.
    Explore trends and critical uncertainties and use these as inputs to identify new growth opportunities, foster strategic agility, and simultaneously improve their strategic planning processes.
    Design and implement processes that allow organizations to better understand the past, improve their decision-making in the present and embrace their preferred future.
    Presentation and Discussion of Case Studies (3M, Nestlé, Philips, Siemens, Mercedes)
  • 02. Exploring global forces and emergent technologies
  •   Exploring the Global Forces and Technological Landscape (Building a Scanning Dashboard).
    Technological Fields and Global Challenges Masterclasses explored and  taughted  by national and international experts:
    Artificial Intelligence / Augmented & Virtual Reality
    Networks & Computing Systems / Robotics
    Digital Biology & Biotech / Medicine & Neuroscience
    Nanotech & Digital Fabrication
  • 03. Building scenarios for the future
  •   Exploration of Scenarios methodologies and processes
    What can we influence in the context of our organization and what will most influence us/our success in the future?
    What is the link between strategic planning and scenarios?- How to design and implement a fit-for-purpose Scenario Planning project
    Strategic Analysis of the Scenarios - Challenges and Opportunities
      Presentation and Discussion of Case Studies (Shell, Siemens, IDEO, Mercedes, European Commission)
  • 04. Strategic Design & Innovation
  • Designing human-led strategies and solutions by exploring the role of design and designers approach to problem solving.
    How behavioral understanding can influence new products and services?
    How to create the conditions for a "design culture"?
    How to quickly prototype and test ideas?
    Learning from others - case  studies- (Airbnb, Lowes innovation,  Jeronimo  Martins )


Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho

Program Diretor nad Professor

Scientific Coordinator and Professor of the Post Graduation "Foresight, Strategy and Innovation" at ISEG -Lisbon School of Economics and Management.
General Director for Economy and Innovation in the Lisbon City Council. 


Keynote Speaker

Gerd is a top-rated futurist, with over 1500 engagements in the past 15 years and an audience of 1 + million people.
He focusses on near-future, 'nowist' observations and actionable foresights in the sectors of humanity, society, business, media, technology and communications. His latest publication is 'Technology vs Humanity'.

Stephan mergenthaler

Keynote Speaker

Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Knowledge Networks and Analysis at the World Economic Forum. Stephan oversees the Forum's global expert networks as well as its strategic analysis capacity on global trends.


Chair, Lisbon Futures Network

President of Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG).
Professor of the Department of Economics at ISEG.

josé avillez

Keynote Speaker

Portuguese and a chef, José Avillez' main focus is to promote Portuguese gastronomy. He has two Michelin stars in the Belcanto restaurant in Lisbon, and received in 2018 the "maximum" prize awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy - "Grand prix de l'Art de la Cuisine".

Andrew Tuck

Keynote Speaker

Andrew Tuck is the founding editor of the global magazine Monocle and is the host of the Urbanist, Monocle 24's radio show dedicated to making better cities. 

Rui Quinta


Official Design Thinking Coach at the HPI Academy - School of Design Thinking in Berlin and member of the innovation international network WWHDO. Co-Founder of the fish shop "Peixaria Centenária", the space experience design studio "Toyno" and "With Company", a strategic design consultancy. 

joão graça

Future Technologies Talk

Co- founder and CTO of UNBABEL. PhD in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at IST + Upenn. Author of several papers in machine learning with side information, unsupervised learning and machine translation. Co-founder of the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School.


Keynote Speaker

Chief Scientist (Robotics & AI) - Scientific Coordinator R&D Projects, SoftBank >Robotics Europe.


Tiago nunes


Official Design Thinking Coach at HPI Academy - School of Design Thinking in Berlin. Co-founder of With Company - Strategic Design Consultancy. Founding member of the international innovation network D.eople.

greg sherwin

Future of Technologies Talk

Vice President of Engineering and IT at Singularity University. He has just moved recently to Lisbon to begin a senior principal engineering role at Farfetch.

carlos silva

Future of Technologies Talk

Co-founder of Seedrs, the leading equity crowdfunding platform in Europe. Carlos is also a mentor at several acceleration programmes and serves as an advisor to multiple innovative start-ups. He has been distinguished with a Young Gun award in the UK, for the most promising individuals under 35.

sofia tenreiro

Future of Technologies Talk

General Manager, Cisco Portugal.
President of American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal.


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