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Futures, Strategic Design & Innovation

Program Director

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho   is  a Professor, Expert and Keynote Speaker in Foresight, Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 
He is  the Scientific Coordinator and Professor of the Post-Graduation "Foresight, Strategy and Innovation" at ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management.
He is currently the General Director for Economy and Innovation in the Lisbon City Council.


Who Should Attend

> Senior-level leaders at medium and large companies who are inspired to innovate.

> Senior-level leaders at growth companies who are challenged to scale and act as change makers

> Executives who will use this opportunity to make an even greater difference in their career and their organizations' future.

Executives and managers who are responsible for tackling strategic challenges at their organizations.

Managers and staff of companies which seek to promote an innovation and an entrepreneurial culture.

> Team members who want to collaborate on strategic design and innovation.

> Individuals and teams with responsibility for strategy, planning or leadership.

We believe that participants from business, government, NGOs, academia, professional bodies, and inter-governmental organizations can take the best out this program.



Miguel Bugalho 

Program Director
Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho
(+351)  914128757


26-23 Outubro 2019


9h00 - 18h00


29 horas


3750 €

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