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2 DAYS - Soon

5 DAYS - 9 th to 13 th January 2018 - 650€ (350€ for those who participated in the introductory course) 
Schedule: 9am to 5pm  


ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management is offering an innovative executive course on vision initiation processes and the planning, implementation, evaluation, and celebration of projects. Dragon Dreaming is a fun, inspiring, encouraging, and meaningful methodology for assisting group dynamics and for developing visions from scratch. It also provides a learning experience for individuals who want to initiate complex, new, and innovative projects and who need to form a mutually supportive team. Dragon Dreaming can be used in different areas, such as sustainability, education, project management, corporate management, entrepreneurship, etc. It has been used by large companies such as Airbus, Siemens, LEAR, Avitech and others, by startups, by universities and by different kinds of associations and community building initiatives.


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Who is it for?

Dragon Dreaming methodology can help a variety of different people: 

> Those involved in project management for companies, organisations, and business enterprises of all kinds, who acquire inspiration and innovation.
> Politicians and professionals, working in urban, rural, or regional development, who learn new ideas for encouraging community development and civic participation.
> Grassroots movements, who gain from proven methods for the implementation of their ideas for bringing about change in the communities to which they belong.
> Creative people and artists, who find methods that fit in with their own way of working and which respect their talents and abilities.
> Psychologists and coaches, who benefit from fun methods for building visions and for planning, implementing, and celebrating new projects.
> Everyday individuals, who may never have tried to do something outstanding in their lives before, but who seek to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.


More Information

Sérgio Pereira    
(+351) 213922716



  • Dragon Dreaming skills are acquired by experiential learning. We offer two separate blocks: a two-day introductory training workshop and a five-day intensive course.

  • An introductory course will take place during the weekend of the 18 th and 19 th of November (Saturday and Sunday). This will include an introduction to the methodology and its four phases of dreaming, planning, realization, and celebration. Having completed this workshop, participants will be able to:
    > Understand the core elements for creating sustainable projects
    > Recognize their "dream" (with strong motivation and a project idea)
    > Communicate their ideas and know how to choose and motivate a team
    > Kick-off a project and know how to choose and motivate a team

  • Those who wish to learn and practice the methodology in more detail may enroll in a second block of training sessions (5 weekdays). These consist of hands-on learning, practically-oriented sessions. We will help participants to design real projects based on dreams, ideas, and needs. The first day is devoted to an introductory overview, particularly for those who did not participate in the first introductory block. For the remaining four days, the course will focus on one of the four phases during each day, introducing tools that help to create, steer, and sustain projects and teams. The focus is specifically on the dragons (challenges) of each phase. Having immersed themselves in the workshop, participants will be equipped and motivated to apply the principles and tools of Dragon Dreaming to their own projects, at all phases.


Manuel Laranja

Is a full-time Associate Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Strategy at ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Universidade de Lisboa, where he teaches and coordinates Masters Degrees and Executive Courses. He has a PhD in Technology and Innovation Policy from SPRU - University of Sussex, an MBA from Warwick Business School, and a BSc in Engineering from IST, Universidade de Lisboa.
He is founder of L-Creation, ISEG Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.



Is a Facilitator and a Teachers Trainer of Dragon Dreaming. Since 2007 she has been supporting a range of teams and projects from Start-ups, NGOs, universities, to engineering teams in Airbus towards more cooperative and sustainable working culture.
In her work she applies also approaches of Nonviolent Communication, Theory U and Processwork that have the potential to enrich business and communities.
She researched on practices for expressing and transforming grief and pain of loss. Her book "Mourning in communities" (in German) was published in May 2016. Ulrike graduated in intercultural pedagogy, she is currently based in Slovakia and Germany.



Is a trainer and a consultant at Maxman Consultants (Slovakia) supporting individuals and teams in businesses in creating workplaces where people are engaged, creative and thriving. He worked as a manager in an IT company in Pune (India) and in sales & sales management in Cambridge (UK). Peter is a CNVC certified trainer of Nonviolent communication, Focusing and Laughter yoga. Peter graduated in accounting and finance.




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