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MBA - Master in Business Administration


Welcome to the MBA of ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management! A Master in Business Administration is a truly unique educational programme, both in terms of its depth and also its impact on the transformation of the professional and personal life of those who have the courage to study for it. In the case of the ISEG MBA, its uniqueness also stems from the fact that it is the only MBA taught in the entire Universidade de Lisboa, which, with its 18 Schools, has long been the main reference for Portugal among the international rankings of higher education institutions. Its accreditation by the Association of MBAs, together with the ongoing determined effort by the School to obtain another external certification - AACSB, are other factors that contribute to the responsibility which I, as the MBA director, feel I have to the University and to ISEG, the business community in general, and, above all, to our students.

During the fourteen years that I have been involved with the ISEG MBA, I have had the opportunity to witness a number of changes to the programme, and I have also had the possibility to implement some of these changes. In the best tradition of the former Universidade Técnica, this MBA stands out for its solid education in management skills, which include modules on Finance, Marketing, Accounting, and Operations Management, among others. I should also mention that the course programme has been brought up-to-date, with the introduction of various subjects especially designed for the development of leadership, communication, and team management skills. In fact, today, an MBA is no longer just intended to improve managerial skills, it also has as an objective the development and education of people management skills, and of knowing how to influence and guide them in the desired direction of the organisation and of its leaders. The last pillar of modernisation of this Master is innovation and entrepreneurship, which reflects ISEG's own vision and mission: ' open minds for a changing world'. This last focus of the MBA is based on our firm conviction that Portugal and the Portuguese business community need professionals who are capable of operating and leading the transformations that are imposed on the country.

Indeed, it is to these people that I address these last lines. The participants of our MBA combine high quality management and leadership skills with significant commitment and motivation, as well as the drive and restlessness that characterises those who want to build a better future, and not just sit back and watch it develop. If you think that you have this innovative and enterprising spirit, and also the desire to participate and lead in this vast process of change which faces Portugal and its society, then this is the MBA for you.

Jorge Gomes 

Associate Professor of ISEG 

Director and Scientific Coordinator of the MBA


Why the ISEG MBA?

The advantages of the MBA

  • International accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA)
  • Tier One of CEO Magazine's      MBA ranking
  • One week of learning in Silicon Valley
  • + 1000 MBAs have graduated since 1984
  • 72% of the professors have a PhD, and 85% of them studied at the      best international universities
  • A modular course programme
  • 18 months of weekly after-hours study
  • The only MBA of Universidade de Lisboa
  • Outdoor training activities
  • Coaching for career progression and preparation for professional      life advancement
  • Alumni network - the link between students and companies 


Setembro 2019




18 meses


18500 €


Destinatários MBA 

Silicon Valley

The immersion programme at Silicon Valley lasts a week, giving participants access to that ecosystem.

The programme gives the participants an insight into the development of strategies in araes such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and also skills in intrapreneurship, or in other words, building businesses within an organisation.

Contact is made with important player in Silicon Valley, sustained by rigorous academic content and practices.


  • Lessons and workshops on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Coaching sessions to develop business projects.
  • Networking with MBA students from the University of San Francisco and with Silicon Valley players.
  • Visit to two world-renowned companies: Cisco and IDEO.
  • Participation in pitch events, presentation of ideas to startups to try and obtain funding from business angels investors and venture capitalists (keiretsu Forum Meeting or Plug and Play Expo Fall).


At the end of this programme the students obtain a certificate of participation that is recognised by the prestigious University of San Francisco, one of the oldest universities in the state of California, whose School of Management has been accredited by AACSB since 1924.



Hugo     Hugo Ribeiro
    Student of the 30 th Edition 
    Graduate in Electrotechnic Engineering  
    Project Manager

"The best of the MBA is kept until the last, it is like the 'icing on the cake' - the trip to San Francisco. This programme allows personal contact with a unique ecosystem in the world - Silicon Valley.

Undoubtedly it is this programme that differentiates the ISEG MBA from other MBAs. The visits to companies enables you to feel the spirit of Silicon Valley and the diversity of activities, based on the culture of Silicon Valley, which gives us a new perspective on how to succeed. These visits definitely allow one to gain a new entrepreneurial vision, and to contact a completely different organisational culture, which starts with an immersion in a unique environment. Two classes are held which began to prepare us for a true elevator pitch, followed by classes where we talked about startups and then attended lively workshops on team building. The training was rich in content with excellent professors, where we had contact with a different way of teaching. Students leave the immersion programme with a different view, being more confident, after having gained hitherto unknown knowledge.

Apart from the programme itself, the city of San Francisco excels in its cultural richness, not only on account of the richness of its particular culture, but also because of the diversity of cultures present. The city has enviable urban planning, and one can easily recognise from films the bends of Lombard Street and other great icons, such as the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. However San Francisco is more that just this - it represents joy, confidence and multi-culturism."

The ISEG MBA offers outdoor training programs as a way of providing students with experiences outside their comfort zone.


A weekend on the campus of the Portuguese Air Force Academy focusing on leadership, team-building and improvisation activities.

  • Test leadership, organisational and time management skills.
  • Incentivise cooperation and be called to overcome limitations.


Força Aérea



The career progression of MBA students

The ISEG MBA career management programme aims to create a greater adaptability of students to the demands of the job market, to strengthen the leadership and personal development components, and to even provide contacts with other business realities.

Some of the activities promoted by this Programme:

> Creation and distribution of the ISEG MBA yearbook;
> Organisation of workshops with experts and top managers: Vital Topics;
> Facilitating relations with Headhunting companies;
> Signing of Agreements with institutions of reference;
> A link to ISEG Alumni.

MBA Career Week:

An annual career management event for MBA ISEG students, providing opportunities for them to directly contact recruitment agencies through meeting representatives of Executive Search and Head-hunting companies..

The objectives of this week are to prepare students in how to approach the job market effectively and professionally and to equip them with tools that provide them with competitive advantages in recruitment processes.

The MBA Career Week includes training in a variety of skills for developing careers and for the promotion of students in the various business sectors.


João Pargana       

        João Pargana

        Career Development


Doutoramento em Economia 

Doutoramento em Management 
Manchester Business School, Reino Unido 

Licenciado e Mestre em Direito pela Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa

Doutoramento em Management 
Manchester Business School, Reino Unido 

Doutoramento em Management 
Manchester Business School, Reino Unido 

Doutoramento em Sistemas de Informação 
Cranfield School of Management, Reino  Unido 

Professora Catedrática em Operações e Logistica, IST 
Doutoramento em Engenharia 
Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, UK

Doutoramento em Management 
Manchester Business School, Reino Unido 

Doutoramento em Business Administration 
Harvard Business School, EUA 

Licenciatura em Finanças 

Doutoramento em Management 
Seville University, Espanha 

Mestrado em Gestão 

Doutoramento em Management 
Manchester Business School, Reino Unido 

Alumni Económicas - the Association of Former Students of ISEG - is a non-profit association, created in 1991, which currently has more than 1,000 members - all of them alumni of the School. The Association of Former Students of ISEG has as its mission the dynamisation and development of the principles of associative work, and the stimulation of relations of solidarity between students and towards society in general.

The ISEG MBA Alumni develops and fosters the relationship between MBA students, the School, and companies, stimulating the latter to participate in diverse types of actions.

  • Life-long networking (privileged contact between alumni and companies)
  • Annual Alumni Meeting
  • Events (access to an annual calendar of networking events, conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars and cultural events).





Podem candidatar-se ao MBA ISEG os detentores de grau académico superior nacional ou internacional equivalente ao 1.º ciclo e que possuam mais de quatro anos de experiência profissional.

>A seleção dos candidatos será feita por um júri com base nos seguintes critérios:

• Grau académico superior;

• Experiência Profissional com o minimo de 4 anos;

• Curriculum Vitae; 

• Prova/certificado de língua inglesa,

• Entrevista.


Inscrição - €500, deduzidos no pagamento da 1ªpropina  (Valor não reembolsável em caso de desistência).


Todos os descontos aplicados incidem sobre a parcela do programa  

1. Desconto especial independente do prazo de candidatura: 10% 
a) Diplomados de qualquer uma das Escolas da Universidade de Lisboa

b) Programa MBA Friend

c) Ordem dos Economistas

d) Ordem dos Engenheiros

e) OTOC - Ordem dos Técnicos Oficiais de Contas

f) OROC - Ordem dos Revisores Oficiais de Contas

g) APOTEC - Associação Portuguesa de Técnicos de Contabilidade


2. Condições especiais para grupos/empresas -  Informações sob consulta.


3. Desconto de pronto pagamento da totalidade da propina - 10%.

Crédito à formação

Existem condições especiais de financiamento para o MBA ISEG, veja  aqui.


Marketing & Admissions 
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Tel: +351.213925813

Ana Sofia Silva 
Tel: +351.213925889

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