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ISEG - Executive Education  / 29.04.2020

ISEG MBA is a program designed for those who want to excel in their career and achieve top level positions. The program combines the core areas of management - where ISEG is a reference - with 5 Strategic Streams: Global Futures, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Digital Disruption, Design & Agility, Sustainability and Governance and top notch partners such as the World Economic Forum, Instituto Superior Técnico, Startup Lisboa, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, University of San Francisco e the Portuguese Air Force Academy.

ISEG MBA also offers Immersive Experiences in Lisbon and San Francisco, where you will have the opportunity to meet innovators and to discover the startup mindset of different companies; and a Leadership and Personal Development Journey that will allow you to improve your skillset, and design a vision for your personal and professional future.


We invite you to explore the ISEG MBA through the eyes of our Global Partners and the 5 Strategic Streams that make our program unique!


Leadership and Personal Development - Assessment Kets de Vries Institute (KDVI) 

May 4th , 6.15 pm

Rita Alemão, LYD & Kets de Vries Institute (KDVI)

The Leadership and Personal Development Plan of the ISEG MBA is an innovative and immersive experience of self-development, that will help you to design your unique signature as a leader, in order to impact business, people and society. 

In this live session you will have the opportunity to understand how you will be able to complement your leadership skillset using the Ketz The Vries Institute Platform, and chart a Personal Development Plan. Through Individual Coaching sessions will explore your strengths and areas for development, fine-tune your personal and professional goals, prepare future roles and responsibilities, and identify future career options.

     Rita Alemão

Master in Organizational Behavior from INSEAD, Post-Graduate in Management for Executives from Universidade Católica (UCP) and graduated in Business Management from Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG). Coordinator of the Leadership & Personal Development area at ISEG MBA. Managing Partner at LYD - Leading for Greatness. Vice-President of the Association for the Promotion of Intelligence in Emotional Competences (APRICEM).



World Economic Forum - Strategic Intelligence and Global Futures

May 12th, 6.15 pm

Oliver Woeffray, Practive Lead, Strategic Intelligence at World Economic Forum

In today’s world, individuals and organizations can find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends or to make sense of the countless transformations taking place around them.

How do you continuously adapt your vision and strategy within a fast-evolving global context? Leaders require new tools to make better strategic decisions in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. The World Economic Forum developed Strategic Intelligence Platform to help you understand the global forces at play and make more informed decisions. 

Learn more about this partnership in the online session.

“The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Our activities are shaped by a unique institutional culture founded on the stakeholder theory, which asserts that an organization is accountable to all parts of society. The institution carefully blends and balances the best of many kinds of organizations, from both the public and private sectors, international organizations and academic institutions.”



Startup Lisboa - Entrepreneurship and the Lisbon Innovation Ecosystem

May 19th, 6.15 pm

Miguel Fontes, Executive Director Startup Lisboa

The session with Startup Lisboa will help to understand how, an ISEG MBA student, will have the opportunity to explore the dynamic and fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lisbon, through immersive and hands-on experience. This partnership’s module will go from Entrepreneurship fundamentals and ecosystems to the measurement of your business’ success, going through markets, funding and business models. It will also allow you to have an Immersive Experience & Deep Dive into the Lisbon Ecosystem by giving you access to o incubators, investors, startups, unicorns and big corps.

Startup Lisboa supports the creation of companies and their first years of activity. Founded in 2012 it's a private non-profit association that provides entrepreneurs with office space as well as a support structure - mentoring, strategic partnerships and perks, access to investment, networking activities and a community based on knowledge and sharing.



Instituto Superior Técnico - Technology Disruption and Digital Trasformation

May 26th, 6.15 pm

Arlindo Oliveira, Full Professor Técnico Lisboa & Author "Digital Minds" (*)

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in the definition of innovative business models, a factor that explains the added importance of the relations between engineering and business schools. This partnership between ISEG and Técnico creates the conditions to increase the familiarity of the students with several important technologies and their impact on businesses. The objective is not only to provide an in-depth understanding of several aspects of key specific technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Blockchain, but also the tools to perform a more enlightened analysis of the potential of these technologies in a number of business areas.    

Arlindo Oliveira, Former Dean of Instituto Superior Técnico

Instituto Superior Técnico, the best engineering school in Portugal, aims to contribute to the development of society, promoting excellence in higher education, in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology by developing Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) activities.

When choosing Técnico, you are selecting academic training at the level of the highest international standards and you will be exposed to wide knowledge and expertise at the forefront of science and technology and to a unique academic environment, in a wonderful town – Lisboa.



With Company - Strategic Design & Innovation

June 2nd, 6.15 pm

Rui Quinta / Tiago Nunes, Co-founders With Company

This company will challenge you to discover how you can encourage strategic and operational agility in your organisation and by enrolling in immersion sessions and masterclasses to learn and analyse how certain global companies based in Lisbon are quickly becoming agile and digital.

"Being a Transformative Design Company, we like to be allies with those who share the willingness to transform individuals, organisations and ecosystems in order to (re)question societal needs and drives us to better futures. This is why we partnered with ISEG MBA, sitting alongside with other future-oriented organisations to inspire today’s and tomorrow’s leaders."

With Company

We are transformative by design. A company committed to improving individuals, organisations and ecosystems, in order to (re)question societal needs and drive us to better futures.



Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies - From Megatrends to Strategic Risks Management

June 9th, 6.15 pm

Lasse Jonassen, Futurist & Director, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies will convey a module with the aim of learning how to facilitate the decision-making process in your organisation through scenario planning, megatrend analysis, risk management, innovation and strategy, by learning about overall drivers of change, how drivers of change will shape society and industries and how organisations can work with a futures-oriented mindset.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is a non-profit, independent institute founded in 1969 by former OECD Secretary-General Thorkil Kristensen for the betterment of our society.

Today, we are a globally-oriented institute that advises customers and member organisations on a strategic level all over the world. Customers and members include Fortune 500 companies, government ministries and agencies, and non-government institutions.


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