Lasse Jonasson talks to ISEG MBA 37th edition's students about scenarios and strategies for an uncertain world

ISEG Executive Education  / 27.01.2021


In the module 'From Megatrends and Scenarios to Strategy Course', presented by Lasse Jonasson, Director & Futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, students had the opportunity to learn about the trends that are currently shaping industries and how to predict scenarios based on uncertainty. 

Beginning with megatrends and then working through a structured process to develop scenarios as a framework to test strategic options, the module guided students through a method that helps organizations manage uncertainty and reduce complexity. 


Key points

Lasse Jonasson considers that “the ability to navigate in the future environment is a key competence for any high-level decision maker”. “This ability requires understanding of the disciplines of strategy and foresight”, adds Lasse.

According to João Santos Coelho, an ISEG MBA’s student, "it is extremally useful to have acquired this kind of knowledge, and a must have tool for decision makers”. Student adds that he’s “certain it will come in handy throughout” his “professional as well as personal life”.

João Santos Coelho also highlights that “nowadays it’s pretty clear that a bunch of megatrends are shaping the world we live in, such as digital transformation, biotech, globalization, climate change, and several others in fields such as technology, business, economy, society, politics, and culture”. In this module, which is part of the ‘Global Futures’ strategic stream, “we understand how we can use these trends, among other aspects, to define various future possible scenarios and create strategies for those hypothetic realities”, refers the student. 


The partnership with Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, one of ISEG MBA’s global partners, is a world leader in applying futures studies and foresight methodologies to client specific challenges. This partnership with ISEG MBA “will ensure that the students get access to the latest thinking, updated methodologies and not at least practioneers that have experience in implementing the discipline of strategic foresight in the world’s largest organisations”, says Lasse Jonasson.

Autor: ISEG Executive Education