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ISEG Executive Education  / 09.02.2021


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How to shift from selfishness to a humanistic management model?

March, 30th | 6 p.m (Lisbon time zone)

This webinar will raise some of the major issues that impact businesses and the world today: climate change and its impacts financial impacts in the economy; biodiversity losses and the potential lack of raw materials; the response from regulators towards obliging companies and the financial sector to be aligned with the 6 environmental EU objectives; and the new governance model in which sustainability can become recognized as a fiduciary duty of the CEOs.

Is it time to have companies with a social and environmental purpose and not only profit maximization?

Is profit maximization compatible with a sustainable business model?

Sofia Santos

ISEG MBA Faculty Member

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Webinar recordings


ISEG MBA Programme Presentation

ISEG MBA is a management program for experienced professionals. It aims to strengthen their management and behavioural skills so they can become leaders with a holistic view of companies and the business world.

In this live session you will have the opportunity to join us for an online programme presentation by ISEG MBA’s Executive Director Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho.

Paulo Soeiro de Carvalho

ISEG MBA’s Executive Director

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Startup Lisboa is one of the partners of ISEG MBA’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation stream. This partnership provides ISEG MBA’s students with the opportunity to explore one of the most dynamic and fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystems in Portugal, through an immersive and hands-on experience.

In this live session, you will learn how an ISEG MBA student will be able to use tools and instruments for creating and launching new products and services, through successful strategies, business models, frameworks, and practical cases.

Miguel Fontes
Executive Director, Startup Lisboa

André Costa
Head of Strategy, Startup Lisboa

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Leadership Journey and Personal Development plan

ISEG MBA’s ‘Leadership Journey and Personal Development Plan’ is an innovative and immersive experience of self-development, that will help you to design your unique signature as a leader, to impact business, people, and society.

In this live session, you will have the opportunity to understand how you will be able to complement your leadership skillset using the Kets de Vries Institute platform and chart a Personal Development Plan. Through Individual Coaching sessions you will explore your strengths and areas for development, fine-tune your personal and professional goals, prepare future roles and responsibilities, and identify future career options.

Rita Alemão

ISEG MBA’s Leadership Journey coordinator

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