ISEG MBA is a unique learning experience for leaders of the future. Leaders with a purpose and a vision, with a global and holistic perspective not only about the core domains of management but also on technology, innovation, design, ethics and sustainability.
To achieve this ambition, we’ve expanded the traditional “Core” of the MBA with five “STRATEGIC STREAMS”, designed LEADERSHIP AND PERSONAL JOURNEYS allowing our students to develop a vision for their professional and personal futures, and created IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES with an ecosystem of outstanding PARTNERS and remarkable PEOPLE.

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One of the competitive advantages of the ISEG MBA is the scientific and professional excellence of our Professors in the fields that form the “Core” or fundamental areas of any MBA.
From Finance and Economics, to Strategy and Marketing, Operations and People, the ISEG MBA offers an in-depth understanding of the key strategic and business challenges facing organizations.


The Leadership and Personal Development domain of ISEG MBA is an innovative and immersive experience of self-development that will help you design your unique signature as a leader, in order to impact business, people and society.
The Leadership Journey was designed to transform the way you lead in today’s dynamic and complex business environment, providing practical tools on emotional intelligence, influence and communication strategies, negotiation, building strong teams and managing change. You will benefit from a highly experiential learning practice with a wide variety of improvised scenarios, interactive exercises, and simulations.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to assess your existing leadership skill set and chart a Personal Development Plan. Individual Coaching sessions will enable you to explore your strengths and areas for development, fine-tune your personal and professional goals, prepare future roles and responsibilities, and identify future career options.
In coordination with our Career Center, we will optimize your career strategy and prepare tailored career development sessions to better fit the market.”

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We strongly believe that the leaders of a complex and unpredictable future will need to master multiple domains and be equipped with a new set of skills in order make a difference and have an impact in the world.
ISEG MBA five Strategic Streams gives you the opportunity to explore and expand your knowledge in five major domains, identify strategic opportunities, expand your network and master your analytical, creative and decision-making skills.


World Economic Forum (WEF) is a strategic partner of ISEG MBA to help you explore and act on the most important driving forces that are changing and shaping economies, industries and organisations.

How do you continuously adapt your vision and strategy within a fast-evolving global context? Leaders require new tools to make better strategic decisions in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. The World Economic Forum developed Strategic Intelligence to help you understand the global forces at play and make more informed decisions. (WEF)

In this Stream we also partnered with the Copenhagen Institute For Future Studies (CIFS), an independent and non-profit global advisory Think Tank that will help you to supports decision-making in your organisation through scenario planning, megatrend analysis, risk management, innovation and strategy processes.


We’ve designed a unique Strategic Stream on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, in partnership with Startup Lisboa, the University of San Francisco.
You will have the opportunity to explore two of the most dynamic and fast-growing entrepreneurial ecosystems, with immersive and curated experiences in San Francisco and Lisbon.

More than 30% of participants in the ISEG MBA create and launch start-ups or new business ventures either during or after the program.

Master some of the most important concepts and tools in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, combined with a Deep Dive into the Lisbon and Silicon Valley ecosystems.
Learn from some of the most cutting edge Incubators, Accelerators, Fab Labs and Investors, get in touch with global digital Disruptors (Google, Microsoft, …), Big Corps (Galp, EDP, SONAE, …), Unicorns (Outsystems, Farfetch, Revolut, AirBnB, Uber, …) and fast growing Startups (Feedzai, Defined Crowd, Unbabel, …).


Técnico Lisboa, the biggest engineering school in Portugal and one of the best in Europe, it’s our Partner in this Strategic Stream, designed for professionals from all industries who are facing the challenges of digital transformation and technology disruption.
You will have the opportunity to understand emergent and exponential technologies, its global challenges and opportunities, combined with a comprehensive overview of major innovations, and the implications they have on industries, society, and our future.
The Mastering Data Science Lab will explore the most significant application of Artificial Intelligence, and how they have become a crucial tool for business development in a variety of areas, such as finance, healthcare, retail, communications, transportation and logistics.
You’ll understand how data analysis can be used to support and develop your business needs, using concrete use cases combined with an introduction to the key concepts of key technologies.
We want to go beyond Artificial Intelligence and will offer you the opportunity to explore how accelerating and converging technologies are disrupting the future of entire industries and organisations. You will have a unique overview of how technologies like Augmented & Virtual Reality, Robotics, IoT & 5G, Biotech & Neuroscience, Nanotech & New Materials are shaping our global future.


Design and Agility are becoming part of the DNA of an increasing number of leading and innovative organizations.
In this Stream you will be able to understand the value of Design to business strategy, differentiation and competitive advantage, and explore Design Thinking and Strategic Design tools to move from consumer and market insight to actionable solutions.
How can you foster strategic and operational agility in your organization? You’ll learn and explore how some global companies based in Lisbon are going agile and digital through immersive journeys and masterclasses.


This course will provide knowledge about the main sustainability issues in the international and national agenda and will explain how they can impact the business of an organization. It will explain how the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals are related with both financial risks and new business models. As such, will also analyze the growing relevance of the extra-financial information - so called Environmental Social and Governance factors - for companies, for investors, stock markets and rating agencies. A focus will be given to the increasing relevance of sustainable finance around the globe.
Ethical and Governances issues will also be analyzed both on a theoretical perspective and practical one, since many Corporate Governance recommendation codes of several European countries already reefer to the importance of sustainability and ethics as part of good management practices. The existing hard and soft law on these issues will also be discussed. During this course, several guests will be invited to share their views and experiences on the sustainability field.


The ISEG MBA includes an immersive program at Silicon Valley, in partnership with the University of San Francisco, allowing participants to access the most dynamic entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in the World.
We combine this program in San Francisco with an immersive experience into the Lisbon Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, in a partnership with Startup Lisboa and Creative Hub of Beato.
The program also includes a weekend on the campus of the Portuguese Air Force Academy focusing on leadership, team building and improvisation activities. This is moment for the participants to use their leadership, organizational and time management skills, and also incentivize cooperation and test their own limits.



All our members of faculty have extensive, hands-on experience in the world of business, regularly engage in corporate consulting missions and have an in-depth understanding of the key strategic and business challenges facing organizations. Throughout the program, faculty expertise is complemented by specialist guest speakers with an outstanding record of national and global business success.

The ISEG MBA is supported by a Scientific Board whose role is to guarantee the overall academic rigor and excellence of the program. It is headed by the ISEG MBA Scientific Coordinator, who supervises and coordinates a team of experienced Academic Professors, who all have a specific area of expertise.

The ISEG MBA counts on the support of a Strategic Board, comprised of several leaders of well-known businesses and other influential personalities from society, which regularly reviews the contents of the program and suggests strategic and tactical improvement.


The ISEG MBA Career Hub aims to create a greater adaptability of students to the demands of the job market, to strengthen the leadership and personal development components, and to even provide contacts with other business realities.

ISEG MBA Career Program:
• Creation and distribution of the ISEG MBA yearbook;
• Organisation of workshops with experts and top managers;
• Facilitating relations with Headhunting companies;
• Signing of Agreements with institutions of reference;
• A link to ISEG Alumni.

MBA Career Week
An annual career management event for ISEG MBA students, providing opportunities for them to directly contact recruitment agencies through meeting representatives of Executive Search and Head-hunting companies.
The objectives of this week are to prepare students in how to approach the job market effectively and professionally and to equip them with tools that provide them with competitive advantages in recruitment processes.
The MBA Career Week includes training in a variety of skills for developing careers and for the promotion of students in the various business sectors.


Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Duration/Length: 18 months
Start Date: September 2020
Schedule: 2ª, 3ª and 4ª | 18:30 – 23:00
Price: 25 000 €

The price includes:
• Welcome Kit
• Coffee breaks and Parking at ISEG
• Immersive Experiences in Lisbon and San Francisco (Silicon Valley)
• Graduation Ceremony and Certificate




Admission Criteria
• +4 years of professional experience
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Fluency in English

Admission Process
• Application Form Submission (with documents)
• Analysis of the Application
• Interview
• Admission
• Application Fee Payment (500€)

• Updated CV in English
• Identification Card
• English Level Certificate
• Graduation Certificate
• 1 Reference Letter

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